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     Measuring Rollers
     Coating Rolls
     Mill Rolls
   Plastic Industry
     Embossing Rollers
     Laminator Rollers
     Cleaning Rolls
     Heat transfer &
     Chill Rollers
   Paper Industry
   Textile Industry
   Special Rollers
     Silicone Rollers
     Heat transfer &
     Chill Rollers
     Coating Rolls
     Applicator Rolls
     Mill Rolls
     Laser engraved
     Small Rolls/Rollers
  R & D
   Laboratory /
   Bearing Replacem.
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Terms and conditions

36 Kbyte
Date of issue: November 2004
ISO 9001:2000

185 KByte
valid until: 02-06-2010
Elastomer Technology
for more than 50 years

2..430 KByte
MITEX - A Success Story
Founding MITEX in 1954 Hans Knott provided the beginning of our successful development....
  Global Roller Technologies Group

516 KByte

MITEX Innovationen
Innovations ba Mitex

2.466 KByte
Sandwichwalzen Sandwich Rolls
Thermotransferwalzen Heat-Transfer Roller
Titanwalze Titan Roller
Antihaft-Walze High Release Roll

  Coating Rolls/Applicator Rolls
"A new dimension"

350 KByte
Excellent chemical resistance
Superior mechanical properties
Cost reduction through
mill roll technology

445 KByte
long life time
reduced storage
high coefficient of friction
roller repair
reduced maintenance

Insulation Measurement

198 KByte
Resistance Meter to verify electical properties of rollers